Yagna is a professional ‘cooperative’ of consulting entrepreneurs who have passion and expertise in executing CHANGE with a skin-in-the-game approach.

We believe, as well as have experienced, that sense of urgency coupled with focus derived from logical thinking leads to effective and efficient actions.

Chaos to Success in 90 Days:
Over the course of a rapid 90 days, Yagna Resultants create the foundations for sustainable initiatives that can be maintained over the life of the business. In doing so, Yagna believes in delivering more by using the same resources already available within the organization.

The Yagna way is to break the myths that –
Sustainable and Measurable growth cannot be achieved within a short duration of time.
Growth is not possible without pumping additional capital into the business.


Yagna follows the proven management philosophy made famous in the novel, The Goal, written by the proponent of Theory of Constraints, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt. It delivers fast and sustainable result to SME’s using the same existing resources.

The 3V ingredients:
(Tame indiscriminate) Variety +
(Protect against inherent) Variability +
(Alleviate lack of) Visibility

The 3 Vs impact the flow in every system. The result is high inventory in the system which impedes smooth flow.

Variety – In companies’ quest to attain double-digit growth in single digit markets, companies have frantically created more products, customers, markets, suppliers, services and locations. Yet all this complexity adds cost causing top line revenue to go up, and bottom-line profits to go down.

– Every system is subjected to variability in the form of demand variability, supply variability and process variability. Of the total variability, some of it is predictable within certain limits and can be controlled, whereas special cause variations are caused by unique events, over which there is little or no control. Buffers are introduced in the system as a means of protecting against the impact of variability.

Visibility – Every business is driven by decisions taken at all levels. Effective decisions can only be taken if there is access to relevant information. Lack of Visibility often impedes decision making, which results in decisions being taken to achieve local optima, as opposed to global optima.

Yagna follows an Implementation Discipline
through The 3Ms:

The 3M ingredients:
Methods +
Measures +

Method – The Method focuses on dampening the variability by decoupling supply chain through scientifically calculated inventory buffers and aligning the entire supply chain to the beat of the constraint. Method will be based on Theory of Constraints (TOC), Demand Driven Materials Requirement Planning (DDMRP) and related Body of Knowledge.
Method results in taking planning decisions, converting into working procedure and automating these decisions via excel based planning engine and later transitioned to world-class software.

Measurements – People behave the way they are measured. In order to align team’s behaviour with proposed method, it is necessary to replace current conflicting measurements (if any) with a combination of Lead and Lag measures aligned with Throughput, On-Time-in-Full, Buffers Health, and Constraint Exploitation.

Monitoring – The implementation is monitored via regular short duration reviews and a scorecard.