Upcoming Resultant Workshop


It gives me lot of pleasure to announce Yagna’s first Resultant’s Workshop and invite your participation.

Yagna Entrepreneur Success Services LLP (www.yagnaworld.com) is a platform created by Consulting Entrepreneurs to make SME Owners (Entrepreneurs) successful using the principles of Theory of Constraints.

We believe that there is a huge need to significantly improve SME Owner’s business performance and achieve its full potential and, a way to do it in a very short time.

Yagna offers an unprecedented opportunity for Consulting Entrepreneurs to join forces and make a significant impact.

Inviting you for a 2 Day workshop to understand the Yagna Methodology, ways in which you can be associated with Yagna and the role(s) you can play as Yagna Resultant.

Date and Time:

Day 1: 15th June’2018 – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Day 2: 16th June’2018 – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Venue: Hotel Nakshatra Residency, Ambernath, Mumbai (Residential)

Participation Fees :  Rs 10000/- + 18% GST

: Rs 6000/- + 18% GST  (without stay arrangements)


  1. Opportunity size
  2. Theory of Constraints potential – backed up by case studies
  3. Yagna Chaos to Success methodology and practical experience
  4. Yagna’s win-win revenue sharing model

Expected Workshop Outcome:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of Yagna Way of “Chaos to Success” to significantly improve any owner managed business
  2. An understanding of Entrepreneurship partnership with the Owner Entrepreneur for this experience.
  3. Clear understanding on roles required to facilitate this journey.
  4. A working consensus on efforts and compensation from the fees charged for the journey.
  5. An action plan for the next 26 weeks.

Why should you participate:

  1. You are aspiring to stabilize your practice in an uncertain market.
  2. You are already practicing consultant / advisor to Owner Managed medium enterprises and exploring ways to scale.
  3. You have an offering (e.g. a software solution) that can significantly improve the C2S journey experience and that can be adopted within Yagna methodology.
  4. You want to be part of a practice community which commits to align for a larger purpose of making a dent on Indian economy by increasing productivity of SMEs in a most effective and efficient manner
  5. You want to try out the flow principles in your work area to increase the productivity – You become consultant to your organization / department.

Please mail me or call me at 9822002351 in order to confirm your participation.

Your early confirmation will be mutually beneficial.


Deepak Nagar